bali elephant ride
Bali Elephant Ride – Water Rafting
July 15, 2017
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Bali Motor Bike Tour
July 15, 2017

Balinese Spiritual Tour

Are you interesting to know about The Balinese Spiritual?

In spiritually speaking, Bali is a very special island, the magma energy of the earth intersecting under the island of Bali. This is an extraordinary meeting between positive and negative energy. And many spiritual pursuers who perform activities such as medication and other spiritual activities. Healing techniques in Bali are well known in foreign countries. The therapies that are attracted by foreign tourists are rooted in native traditions as well as spiritual and humanitarian inspiration.

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We are also provided Bali Private Tour as Balinese Spiritual Tour. The First we will visit the holly water place in the middle of the jungle, The holly spring water we believe it in Bali to purify the dirtiness in our soul. And the next we will visit the ” BALIAN ” ( The balinese doctor) to see n know how the Balian to treat the patient.There is something different you cant feel it direct,what is happen with the patient and you will see also how the Balian treat the sickness.

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