Bali Cheap Tour for 5 Days

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July 23, 2017
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Bali, the island of paradise, is always being the magnet of tourists from all over the world. Many people return to Bali after their first visit. They find that Bali has magnetism and leave remarkable memory in their mind. Many of them have fallen in love with Bali, its nature, and people. Not few tourists have routine agenda to visit Bali during their vacation or for business purpose since they feel Bali is their second home. In this way, having Bali cheap tour will save the budget.

It is not awkward any longer for the visitors to walk the Bali streets or cycle confidently in the crowd. However, how about those who never been to Bali, especially for those who come from other countries who have very different background and culture? There is no need to worry for new travelers because there are many options of Bali cheap tour that will ease the journey in Bali. A moderate length of tour is the 5 days tour.

What to see during 5-Day Bali Cheap Tour

Bali has many tour and travel companies, ranging from high end, mid range, to low end. The high-end tour is unquestionably providing the first class facilities. However, it does not mean that the mid range and low-end tour packages are not operated professionally. The competition of the tourism business in Bali is quite tight. Therefore, many companies try to attract tourists with various offers. Price is a rather sensitive factor in the business, which actually benefits the visitors. Many tour and travel companies offer cheap prices for their tour packages.

A 5-day tour is relatively sufficient for new travelers who come to Bali for the first time. It is enough for them to get accustomed to the Balinese culture and how thing work in Bali. If they plan to have longer stays, they can flexibly find different tour and travel companies for another Bali cheap tour if they want to try new things or want to find comparisons. Alternatively, they can also travel on their own by renting cars if they have the courage.

The Price of 5-Day Bali Tour

The price of a 5-day tour in Bali can be as cheap as USD 120 per person, but there should be at least 7 people and max 12 people in the tour. If there are only 4 – 6 people, it will cost USD 160 per person. With just 2 – 3 people in the tour, the cost is as much as USD 200. The tour covers the trip to natural attractions like Kitamani Volcano, Bedugul Lake, and Waterfall, and cultural and spiritual visits to floating temple, uluwatu temple, Ubud art village, Kecak dance, Tanah Lot Temple as well as water sport, Jimbaran seafood dinner. This Bali cheap tour package is relative depending on the tour and travel companies. Some charge lower, some others charge higher.