Kintamani Volcano Bali Tours Packages

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July 23, 2017
kintamani bali

Kintamani volcano is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali.

While most tourist resorts at the coastal areas offer beach and water entertainment, Kintamani volcano has cooler weather. There are many Bali tours packages, which can be booked as group tours or private Kintamani volcano  Kintamani volcano has interesting places and cultural entertainment to visit. The visitors will observe the real life of Balinese in a closer way. Here are the attractions you will enjoy with Kintamani Bali tours packages.

Places To Go In Kintamani Bali Tours Packages

Kintamani Volcano

The attraction of Kintamani volcano comes from the remarkable scenery of Mount and Lake Batur. The active mount has a beautiful nature surrounding the place. There are also some ancient villages, which live around the cauldron of the lake. They have distinctive life style, including the houses design and daily traditions. One activity that should not be missed in this tourist resort is having lunch while enjoying the view of the active volcano.

Barong Dance

Barong dance is very famous and becomes one of the Bali icons. That is why it is usually included in most Bali tour packages. One of the places in Bali that performs this dance is Batubulan village. The dance tells about the inner fight between good spirit and evil. Barong represents the good spirit, while the evil is represented by a witch. Balinese also believe that Barong is also a protector.

The Traditional Village of Ubud

Ubud is mainly concentrating on cultural tourism, yoga and spas, natural attractions. There are rivers and forests in this place, and the weather is quite cool. That is why many spas are established in this area. Besides that, a monkey forest will also give unforgettable moment. Some museums and galleries are also available besides the Ubud Market for shopping.

Celuk Village, the center of silver and gold crafts

Celug village is located between Denpasar road and Gianyar Regency. This place is well known for the wonderful and artistic gold and silver crafting. The gold and silver crafts from this village have been known internationally as one of the world sources to find qualified gold and silver jewelries. This is not very surprising because Balinese is well known for their handcrafting skills, not only in gold and silver, but also in wood, stones, and other materials.

Besides those places, there is also an appealing view of the Ceking Rice Terrace in Tegalalang Village on the hill bank. The coffee plantation in Kayuamba village is also included in the tour. Kintamani volcano Bali tours packages can be easily found in all tour and travel companies in Bali. This is the perfect alternatives of having vacation in Bali besides the coastal attraction.