Romantic Things to Do During the Honeymoon in Bali

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July 17, 2017
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July 23, 2017
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Bali has inspired many people in many things.

With the beautiful nature and exotic culture, Bali is the best place to express love and passion. It has become one of the most wanted places to get married. There are many romantic things to do during the honeymoon in Bali. The image of sunset or green paddies as the background of the wedding is very enchanting. It is chosen by many people to declare their loves because the place offers the romanticism that no one can deny. Having a Romantic Honeymoon in Bali There are many things to do to add to the romanticism of new couples. The following are some things to do for your honeymoon trip

  1. Have Spa treatment The place that is quite famous for its spa facilities is Ubud. With the green view of the nature, there are many lounges and spa, which provide outdoor treatment experiences. Having a relaxing treatment together with the love one during the honeymoon in Bali is the best thing to do after the exhausting wedding ceremony business. Besides Ubud, there are also many resorts at the coastal regions providing seaside spa facilities with the view direct to the ocean.
  2. Book a candle light dinner in a private spot in Jimbaran is well known for the seafood restaurants that spread along the beach facing the ocean. The place gets more crowded during the sunset and evening. Booking a more private space that gives a perfect view of sunset will be emotionally memorable. This place is a very good option to have a candle light dinner with live music and the sound of the ocean waves.
  3. Strolling hand in hand over the green rice paddies This can be done to have more personal and calming atmosphere that cannot be found in some crowded places in Bali. Ubud has very beautiful scenery of terraced rice paddies.
  4. Carving the love on to the gold or silver jewelries There is a village in Bali that has the best craftsmen to create jewelries from gold and silver. This is the perfect of showing love through specially designed couple bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

Anyone can celebrate his or her love in Bali. The place has its miracle to make people fall in love. There are many sacred wedding ceremonies held in Bali. The island is also a perfect place to have a honeymoon. With the natural charm of Bali, it is not hard to get romantic experiences during the honeymoon in Bali. Bali is the not only the island of God, it is also the island of love.